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Not My Phantom

phans who didn't like the movie

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Not My Phantom is a Phantom fan community for fans who didn't like the movie, or the performances in it, and want to discuss it critically. If you're interested in a community where you can discuss all aspects of Phantom without being drowned in Gerry/movie drool, come and visit us.


- If you like the movie but are interested in other areas of Phantom (particularly discussions with some depth), and are able to discuss it intelligently rather than taking everything personally and going off in a huffing flameball, you are welcome to join.

- If our views anger and horrify you, and you want to defend the awesomeness of Gerry's Phantom, Emmy's Christine, or ALW or JS's unquestionable integrity, go away. There are plenty of places for people who adore the movie to have hissyfits over those who don't, but we're not interested in that and will remove your posts and kick you off.

- Similarly, no posts full of lust and drool over Gerry or Emmy. Again, there are plenty of other places full of that. If you want to lust and drool over other Phantoms, fine, but that one's Not Our Phantom, remember?

- Although most people in this community were unimpressed, disappointed, or appalled, by Butler and Rossum's performances (and the movie in general), this is not some "I hate this actor" community, so if you just want to randomly bash them, launch personal attacks, or have a bizarre delusional grudge against them, go away.

- Please try to write in a somewhat coherent manner, such as the occassional use of the shift key, awareness of the existence of punctuation, and fortitude to type out the word you instead of writing u.

- If your post contains curse words, please note that in the subject line and put it behind an lj-cut (if you do not know how to do an lj-cut, please refrain from using such language or go here to learn how to use one).

- Flame wars, personal attacks, spam, and 1337 n3t 5p3@k will be dealt with by judicious application of the delete post and remove member functions.

- No homophobia, racism, sexism, or examples of hatred or disgust towards people for their physical appearance (disfigurement, disability, etc).

- Large images, or more than 4 icons, should be put under an lj-cut.

- NC17 posts should be put under an lj-cut. If you wonder if your post is NC-17, then cut it just in case!

crysania4 (owner)
victory_goddess (who also made our lovely community icon)

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