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Jun. 10th, 2010 @ 10:48 pm (no subject)
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I'm posting this on behalf of a dear friend and relatively new LJ-er rebeccatimmons. She and her husband have been running around like chickens with their--actually, no, more like very efficient chickens still in possession of their heads, trying to put this event together. I know some of you, and I know some of you know more of you, and so I'm passing the word around about this awesome....

(take it away, rebeccatimmons

I’m sure some of you are probably already aware that Jeff and I have started to pretty seriously consider organizing a phan gathering to celebrate the US Tour in Pittsburgh this fall. I’d like to clarify that the intent of the gathering is not to detract from any events in Las Vegas (though I will admit the idea did sprout from our conversation around being frustrated that dates haven’t been confirmed yet). Goodness knows there's enough conflict in the Phandom these days without creating any East Coast/West Coast tension! No, it's all love, fear not! The intent of the event would be to provide an option to those phans who want to gather and celebrate the US tour before they close this fall and/or are Midwest/East Coast based and can’t travel out to Las Vegas or LA.

For those who may not know, Jeff and I both have previous experience in event coordination. Jeff arranged Phan gatherings for the Toronto Phantom production, and I am a project/event coordinator in ‘real’ (aka – ‘non-phan’) life.

Jeff and I have started making calls around the Pittsburgh area to the theatre, hotels, convention centers, etc. to get an idea of availability and pricing. We’re also aiming to get in touch with the US tour to see about organizing some events in which the cast and crew might be willing to participate (i.e. Q&A, backstage tour, etc.- we’ll see what happens!).

The tour will be in the Pittsburgh area (their last stop before L.A., where they will close) late August through September, and we were aiming for a long weekend in September (as we kinda already had that time ear marked anyway…). As that really isn’t much time, we’re really hoping to gauge the level of interest amongst phans so we can have an idea of the approximate size of the group. Also, we really don’t want to book group tickets and end up with a massive bill and a private cheering section!

We’ve set up a group on Facebook, as we thought it might be the easiest way to discuss plans and ideas. Please feel free to join!:


There you have it. If you're in the area or within a reasonable distance to the area, we would love to see you there. :)